We are pleased to announce the Tenth International Conference – Plasma Product Biotechnology 2017. PPB 2017 will be held 15 - 19 May 2017 at Radisson Blu, St Georges Bay on Malta.

Again we will endeavour to provide a topical and stimulating programme on the latest developments of importance to the industry covering: manufacturing, quality, regulatory affairs, pathogen safety, clinical development, commercial development, and technical innovations. The oral sessions will be chaired by recognized industry experts with broad experience and insight into their respective disciplines. In addition there will be a poster session that is always lively and highly interactive. The relaxed and informal format is a feature of the meeting is well known, and promotes discussion and networking between participants.

To provide an overview of current industry strategic issues and developing trends, we have invited John Perkins, CEO of BPL Holdings, to deliver the keynote presentation and there will be a special focus lecture by Professor Brian D. Smith on how the business models of life science companies are adapting to our changing world.

If you have an interest in plasma fractionation through your work in a research institute, a government agency, a manufacturer, a supply company or as a consultant, and you are seeking to report on findings and disseminate new ideas, or obtain an overview of the current developments, this is the conference for you. On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I invite you to the Plasma Product Biotechnology Meeting 2017 and look forward to meeting you in Malta.

Joe Bertolini
Conference Chairman