Poster program

Establishment of a Competitive Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay for the Measurement of Heparin in Plasma Products
Andrea Engelmaier and Alfred Weber*, Shire, Vienna, Austria
Sensitive and Specific Measurement of Low Avidity Natural Occurring Immunoglobulin G Antibodies
Alfred Weber et al, Shire, Vienna, Austria
Removal of Isoagglutinins from IVIG and Plasma using Affinity Chromatography
Patrick V. Gurgel et al, Prometic Bioseparations Ltd., USA
Specific Protein Quantification during Cell Culture and Process Development using SurfacePlasmon Resonance
Fredrik Sundberg* et al, GE Healthcare, Uppsala, Sweden
Removal of Isoagglutinins at Large Scale using an Innovative & Patented Oligosaccharides Production Process
Bernard Mandard & Henri Sors*, GlycoBAR, Meylan, France
Innovative Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography (HIC) Resins for Next Generation Molecule Challenges
Ingeborg van Gemeren et al, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Leiden, The Netherlands and Bedford, MA, USA
Enabling Custom Solutions for Downstream Processing
Ingeborg van Gemeren et al, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Leiden, The Netherlands and Bedford, MA, USA
Purification of Plasma Derived Proteins by Novel Column chromatography Resins
Hironobu Shirataki, Asahi Kasei Medical, Tokyo, Japan
Robustness Studies for Albumin Fractionation Process Based on Design of Experiment (DoE)
Seohyeon Kim* et al, Green Cross Corp., Yongin, Korea
Measles Neutralizing Antibodies in Patients Receiving IGIV
Martyn Paddick* et al, Bio Products Laboratory Elstree United Kingdom
Glycation of Polyclonal IgGs: Effect of Sugar Excipients During Stability Studies
Nicolas Bihoreau et al , LFB Biotechnologies, Les Ulis, France
Treatment of Hepatitis E virus (HEV) Particles with Ethanol or Detergent Alters their Physical Behavior During Chon’s Ethanol Fractionation
Hideki Maeno* et al, Japan Blood Products Organization, Kobe, Japan
Plasma-derived Products in Ukraine: Current Status and Perspectives
Vitaliy Karbovskyy* and Olexander Makovskiy, «Biofarma-Plasma», Bila Tserkva, Ukraine
Viral Clearance Study Optimization for Planova Virus Filters and Technical Support by Asahi Kasei
Esha Vyas* et al, Asahi Kasei Bioprocess America, Reston, VA, USA
Continuous Chromatography in IgG Purification
Martin Hall et al, GE Healthcare, Uppsala, Sweden
An Improved Fc Function Assay Incorporating CMV Antigen-coated Red Blood Cells Generated using the KODE Technology
Owen Tatford et al, CSL Behring (Australia), Broadmeadows, Australia
Plasma Protein Fractionation, a Leading Example for Ecological Footprint Awareness?
Thijs Groenewegen et al, Proxcys B.V., Nw-Amsterdam, Netherlands
Functional Significance of Physical Attributes in HP-RFC
Marcel Raedts* et al, Proxcys B.V., Nieuw-Amsterdam, Netherlands
Suitability Range of Radial Flow Chromatography in Affinity Separation
Marcel Raedts et al, Proxcys b.v. Nw-Amsterdam, Netherlands,
Automating Buffer Preparation Through In-line Conditioning for Economical Benefits
Joakim Lundkvist et al, GE Healthcare, Uppsala, Sweden