Nature Tour at Gole Alcantara

The traditional island tour on Tuesday May 16 is this time arranged as a naturalistic walk. Meet and network with your peers while enjoying the sights and wonders of Gole Alcantara garden.

Valletta Harbour

Bus leaves for Gole Ancantara 12.15.

After a heartfilled lunch at the Uliveto restaurant we are ready for a naturalistic walk of 45 min which allows us to admire the inner and most evocative part of the Gorges from above. This classic nature trail enriched by scale reproductions of some prehistoric animals that lived in this ancient valley leads to the source of Venus and flanks the river to admire the internal basaltic walls from above.

On way back, by lift service, go down to riverbed to admire the Georges from below or, visit the modern 4D multimedia room exhibition areas.

Recommended Dress code: Comfortable clothing and suitable shoes.