Programme Overview


Advancing plasma therapeutics from early research to clinical trials

(Sami Chtourou, K2C-BIOPHARM)
Novel technologies and solutions for plasma fractionation
(Merche Faro, Grifols)
Plasma 4.0 – digital transformation of the plasma business and manufacturing
(Barbara Kalina, CSL Behring)
Safety, Quality and Regulatory aspects of plasma fractionation
(Beatrice Biebuyck, Takeda)
Future perspectives on the plasma business and market 
(Eric Youssef, Cytiva)

Novel Plasma Protein Treatment for Pathogen-driven Respiratory Tract Exacerbations

Caterina Colantoni, CSL Behring

Next Generation Bioprocessing Using Novel Materials and Ligand Chemistries

Alexei Voloshin, 3M Company

Yield optimization of plasma fraction purification using mechanistic chromatography modeling

Paul Sylvain, Takeda


Panel discussion with

  • Dr. Thomas Kriel, Head of Pathogen Safety at Takeda

  • Dr. Dorothy Scott, Branch Chief, Plasma Derivatives Branch, Division of Plasma Protein Therapeutics, FDA

  • Dominika Misztela, Sr. Director, Regulatory Policy Europe at PPTA

  • Saleh Yusuf, MBA, LSSBB, Director of North America Logistics, Kedrion Biopharma Inc




How plasma supply to meet the needs for plasma-derived medicines can bring value for public health systems

Leni Von Bonsdorff , IPFA

Plasma fractionation and downstream processing of human polyclonal antibodies from the DiversitAb™ platform

Christoph L. Bausch, SAb Biotherapeutics

Virus inactivation by UV-C irradiation of plasma proteins

Gerhard Poelsler, Biotest


Overcoming manufacturing challenges for the super orphan plasma-derived drug BabyBIG® used to treat infant botulism

Patrick Gavit, Takeda


Multiple challenges impact future perspectives

Jan Bult, JMB Consultancy BV

Next-Generation Fc Receptor–Targeting Biologics for Autoimmune Diseases

Fabian Käsermann, CSL Behring

Novel Dual Affinity Protein technology provide 80% increase in yield of IVIG

Jan Kyhse-Andersen, CHRETO

Technology Transfer during the COVID pandemic: Leveraging Communication Platforms and Mixed Reality

Pushpa Kotharu, CSL Behring


What can we expect from the plasma fractionation industry in the future?

John Curling, JCC AB

Efficacy and safety of SAB-185, a novel SARS-Cov-2 Immunotherapeutic: a phase 1/1b..

Christoph L. Bausch, SAb Biotherapeutics

Process Knowledge reboot: Applying QbD to legacy plasma products to modernize PPQ, Quality Management, and the regulatory dossier

Patrick Gregory, CSL Behring

To be announced


The impact of Covid-19 and other events on the plasma fractionation industry - Historical Perspective and Lessons Learned (or Not)

Patrick Robert, MRB