Session Chairpersons

Session title and Chairperson

1. Manufacturing Perspectives
    Geoffrey Pot
    Takeda, Belgium
  2. Applications of Plasma Products and
    Clinical Developments
    Merche Faro
GRIFOLS, Bioscience Industrial Group, Spain
3. New Products & Innovations in
    Plasma Processing
    Sami Chtourou
    LFB Biotechnologies, France
  4. Quality and Regulatory Trends
    Albert Farrugia
    Kedrion Biopharma, Italy
5. Pathogen Safety
    Albrecht Gröner
    PathoGuard Consult , Germany
  6. Markets, Policies and Strategies
    John Curling
    John Curling Consulting AB, Sweden

Keynote Lecture


Focus Lecture

   Pieter de Geus
Member, Executive Board
   Sanquin Blood Supply
   The Netherlands


    John Pasi
Professor OF Haemostasis and
    Barts and The London School of 
    Medicine and Dentistry, UK